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  • TRUSTED REVIEWSYou can see for yourself!
  • WATCH VIDEO REVIEWSAbout businesses that cater to children and families.
  • EATING OUT?We make sure you'll have a great dining experience!
  • FIND ACTIVITIES....your whole family will love
  • LOCAL OR WHILE TRAVELINGWatch reviews of hotels, restaurants, activities, classes, stores or more!

Do you need help with your fundraising project or know of a family we can sponsor this holiday season?

To further show our support to communities and families, Critique By Kids donates 100% of the review profits to your group fundraiser or individuals in need. Simply add the organization or individual when filling out your membership form. To become a member, click here.

Critiques by Kids - Businesses

"Had a blast last week with the Critique By crew! Check out their review of the store online!"

CbK Business Member: Pretty Paisley

"What an amazing opportunity to see how kids really feel about our restaurant!"

CbK Business Member: UMI Japanese Steakhouse

"My friend was telling me about Critique By Kids and I knew I had to have them review my studio. Best decision ever!"

CbK Business Member: Ultimate Defense Martial Arts
Critiques by Kids - Members

"After watching the review of the Children's Museum of Atlanta, I'm definitely taking my son there for his birthday party!"

CbK Member: Jeff Stewart

"I love that I can actually see what to expect from a business before I ever go there! This helps me make an informed choice of where I want take my family."

CbK Member: Angie Rogers

"This website is amazing!!! It definitely let's me know which businesses I can trust with my kids!"

CbK Member: Sarah Black
Critique by Kids - Kid Critic

"I can't wait till tomorrow!!! I'm so excited to critique the Children's Museum in Atlanta. I get to have a fun day for FREE...and...I get PAID!!! Seriously the greatest thing ever"

CbK Kid Critic: Saige

"My kids are having a blast, we're making memories and wait...we get paid for this!! Brilliant!!!"

CbK Kid Critic: Janice Hunter

"I showed my class one of my reviews for show-n-tell. Now, everyone thinks I'm famous and they want to be Kid Critic too!"

CbK Kid Critic: Spencer

Critique by Kids - Business Benefits

Business Benefits

  • Very unique and inexpensive way to advertise your services
  • Opportunity to be mentioned on TV and/or radio
  • An honest and unbiased review of your overall operation
  • Helps you provide your customers the best experience
  • Referral to all our members through video reviews, word of mouth, and all our social media sites
  • Give kids the opportunity to see what it takes to run a business like yours
  • Share with the world what makes your location special and unique
  • Use the opportunity to promote special offers and discounts to the community
  • Show your best practices


Critique by Kids - Restaurants

Member Benefits

  • Members have the ability to become kid critics and get paid to submit HONEST and family friendly reviews.
  • Can add to a review by commenting about your experience
  • Don't waste time reading a long review, watch one of our brief informative videos
  • Access to video critiques worldwide
  • Discounts on hotels, restaurants, activities and more
  • Receive promotional discounts
  • Can request video critiques to places you want to review
  • Get tips on how to maximize your family vacations and save
  • Free monthly newsletter
  • Weekly notifications on hot new locations reviews

Critique by Kids - Activities

Kid Critic Benefits

  • Get paid to do something fun
  • You and your family get free access to location review services
  • Be the star of your own videos
  • Discounted membership
  • Opportunity for your family to travel places for free
  • Learn what it takes to run a business
  • Gain experience in public speaking and videography
  • Meet professionals and make new friends all over the world
  • Work hard to earn money for college


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