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A-Way With Lice

Finally, never deal with lice again! A-Way With Lice® provides Grace''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s NitFlix® Protective Shampoo & Conditioning Treatment made from food grade ingredients that provide nutrients for your hair and scalp while protecting you from lice. Not only does NitFlix prevent lice, it gets rid of any already on your head! NitFlix is non-toxic and pesticide-free. Our Mission - 1. Provide a healthy product that works. 2. Eradicate lice and its stigma. 3. Empower children. 4. Support a nit-free environment for all camps and schools.

A-Way With Lice
Grace Ratto
Phone Number : 6193798974
Business Type : Product

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5929 SE Federal Highway #10 Stuart, FL 34997


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