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A-Way With Lice

Grace Ratto, Owner of A-Way with Lice began her career as a Nurse. After dealing with head critters, she began her mission to eradicate these pesky bugs. Although Grace’s passion for this product began out of a necessity, her inspiration is to provide a healthy product that prevents lice. Lice is prevalent in every school, camp and sleepovers in every zip code. Grace is working with Medical offices and retailers to provide NitFlix. NitFlix is a non-toxic, pesticide-free shampoo and conditioner that provides nutrients for your hair and scalp while protecting you from lice. As a perfectionist, Grace is on a mission to prevent people from dealing with this four letter word. She wants to empower you to take control of your hair with her lice prevention shampoo and conditioner. Grace shows a real sensitivity to any parent or child who has dealt with head lice. Visit my Site at:

A-Way With Lice
Grace Ratto
Phone Number : 6193798974
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5929 SE Federal Highway #10 Stuart, FL 34997


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A-Way With Lice
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January 03, 2019
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  • FINALLY a truly natural way to eliminate and prevent the expense, embarrassment of disgusting lice. Thanks for this miracle for my friends and family!


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