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Beautiful Anti-Aging

Owner Kay Mccunis is recognized as one of the leading cutting edge injection artists in the industry. She is a Master Injection Artist, at the top of 2015, 2016 & 2017 Top 10 Lists nationwide, a Nurse, Director and Injection Trainer to doctors and nurses nationwide. Kay is known as one of Houston’s most Cutting Edge artist injector in the industry. She has been a nurse for over 25 years with 10 years experience as a Nurse Injection Perfectionist. Kay is very proud and excited to offer many innovative advance services. She is highly recommended by several industry professionals for her many different advance injection techniques. Also, by local patients that she has seen in the past and that follow her. Kay has mastered several new innovative injection techniques developed by herself. As an artist, Kay’s hands model with the precision of a sculptor. She speaks the language of art whether she is molding clay or redefining the human body. She unfailingly exhibits as much sensitivity to her patient’s needs as she does to nature’s authenticity and is a self professed perfectionist, her goal is to be able to sign your face before you leave as one of her works of art. Kay is a Certified Master Trainer for Bellafill/Suneva dermal fillers. She has traveled the country training Plastic Surgeons, doctors and nurses on the latest methods regarding injectables. Mastering the art of Botox plus and every filler currently on the market. Kay’s philosophy in aesthetics, her unique creativity, entrepreneurial and leadership skills have greatly contributed to the Aesthetic industry. Kay coordinates all patient related functions, business operations, public relations, and sales and marketing efforts. Her passion for the medical / aesthetics industry and patient satisfaction is a perfect match for this professional, innovative organization. Visit us at

Beautiful Anti-Aging
Kay McCunis
Phone Number : 713-547-5656
Business Type : Health & Wellness

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8200 Westglen, Houston, Texas 77063


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  • Wow, feel like I need a facial now...may be scheduling an appointment soon!


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