National Infantry Museum

1775 Legacy Way, Suite 220, Columbus, Georgia 31903, 706-685-5800 A visit to this state of the art museum is an experience you and your family would never forget. Critique By Kids was educated and moved by the many galleries, high-tech exhibits, and IMAX theatre. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and most are experienced veterans. If you are looking for a historic and fun place to visit, this is it!

by : Deadawn Kukla

Springer Opera House Theatre

103 10th St, Columbus, GA 31901 (706) 324-5714 The inspirational mission of the Springer Opera House definitely has an impact on all who join the academy program. Critique By Kids was incredibly impressed with the friendship, acceptance, great speaking abilities, and talents of these young people. If you are looking to help boost your child's confidence, this is the place to be!

by : Deadawn Kukla

School Tools & Toys

5550 Whittlesey Blvd #320, Columbus, GA 31909 (706) 317-2223 School, Tools, & Toys is definitely a favorite for these kid critics! Whether you are a teacher, a homeschooling family, or simply looking for a great learning game or toy for your loved one, School, Tools, & Toys is the place to go!

by : Deadawn Kukla

Children’s Museum Of Atlanta

Critique By Kids had the opportunity to visit The Children's Museum Of Atlanta. We found the best deal for families was the Family Yearly Membership, priced at $100 per year and allowed families to return as many times as they wanted throughout the year.

by : Deadawn Kukla

Atlanta Rocks

There are many awesome features to this gym besides climbing. They have a fitness center, classes, and group events throughout the year. Upstairs is a viewing balcony with additional workout equipment. In the back are private rooms for hosting parties or special events.

by : Deadawn Kukla