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Intro To Critique By Kids

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Intro To Critique By Kids

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Intro To Critique By Kids

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The key to brand recognition and growth is to get people talking….and we are here to help.

  • We first create a buzz about your business by producing a video review, showing a child's perspective of your company.
  • Next, we motivate consumer interaction by rewarding the family target market for providing feedback, sharing product information and purchasing your products or services.
  • Finally, we provide a platform for you to respond to the feedback given so you can create a visual track record of the value you place in quality customer relationships…for the entire world to see! Click here to learn more!



1.  What is your cancellation policy?

When clients have paid yearly membership fee up front, cancellation for full refund can be made within 48 hours after sale is made.  If cancellation is made between 48 hours and two weeks, 50% of the full price will be refunded.  No refunds will be offered after two weeks.

When clients select the monthly payments, cancellation can be made within 48 hours for full refund.  No refunds will be offered after 48 hours.  Clients are responsible for full price of the yearly contract after 48 hours.

If payment is not made, collections fees and/or legal court fees will be the responsibility of the client.


2.  If I haven’t heard of you, how will other people know about you?

There had to be a first time you heard about Facebook…but you still use it right?  Do you know most successful social media and review websites took about 4-5 years before they went viral?  This includes Facebook and TripAdvisor.

Critique By Kids has experienced all the foundation building ups and downs of the first 4 years and we are primed and ready to go viral.  That doesn’t mean no one knows about us yet because people do.  In today’s world, a million people can know and love Critique By Kids, but that doesn’t mean we are a household name.  What it does mean, is we have done the foundation work are on the cusp of reaching viral status.

So….where do you want to be when we hit that point?  Playing catch up or leading the video review trend with us?

We have several ways we pull in viewers to our site.  Of course, SEO work is important so we stay on top of the search engines.  The member families are continuing to grow through our word of mouth program.  Plus, the celebrity interviews we conduct gets us a lot of attention.  The video reviews we create and give to our business clients gets put up on their social media pages and websites…. which brings attention to all businesses on Critique By Kids.  The list of ways we draw in viewers goes beyond all that as well.  In some ways, we don’t even know how people hear about us.  We have hundreds of people outside the US signing up with Critique By Kids each day, but we don’t market internationally. 


3.  Will I get a copy of the review?

Yes….and we encourage you to use your video review.  Put it on your social media pages and your website.  Sharing your CBK profile link with your audience and encouraging them to voice their opinion on our site will continue to add benefit to your business.


4.  Can I change my donated product each month? 

Yes.  You will be able to add whatever product you’d like to donate from your membership profile page. 


5.  Can I donate more than one product a month?

Yes…. you need to donate at least one product a month, but you can donate more if you’d like.


6.  How do people get the donated product?

When they check out using their points, an email with a coupon or code for their donated product will be emailed to them.  They will bring that into your location in order to claim it.


7.  If I have different locations, do I have to pay the yearly fee for all of them?

Yes….each location will have its own profile page and will need to have a separate review created. 


8.  Can I have multiple reviews for different age groups?

Yes…If you would like a separate review for younger kids and older teens, you will need to pay $150 for each additional review.


9.  Can I change my review half way through the year?

Yes…you would need to pay the additional $150 for an updated review.


10.  How many people will I need to provide service for during the review appointment?

Up to 4 people.  Typically, there are 2 or 3 kids in the review and the parent who is recording the children.  For places that charge for entrance, business clients can decide to allow bigger Kid Critic Families to review those locations since it doesn’t affect the business client's overhead.


11.  Will I know when the Kids Critic Family is coming?

Yes….this is why we schedule an appointment.


12.  What will happen during a review appointment?

The Kid Critic Family will email you and confirm the appointment.  For a restaurant, they typically will send over their food order before the appointment. This way, the meal can be prepared as soon as they get there and while they are talking with you about what you would like them to highlight. 

The family will spend time video recording the décor both inside and out and whatever footage they need to create an attractive video.  They will take as long as they need to experience your service and get it on video. 

After they are finished, they will meet with you again and give you a report of their experience.  They will have two weeks to create the video and get it back to you.


13.  How long will it take to create the video review?

2 Weeks after your review appointment.